Admission's Open

Commandant’s Message

Learning process of the human beings starts from Cradle and ends at Grave.  Abbottabad is famous as “CITY OF SCHOOLS” and you find both private and government schools and academies spread all over the city. All those schools are  contributing one way or the other in bulding our young genration. In modren age of tough competition  based on survival of the fittest, only quality education along with physical fitness ensures the survival and success. Although overall “IQ Level” for our Pakistani nation is one of the best in the world but unluckily  opportunities  to obtain a good quality  education are missing. Physical fitness  has the direct impact on the grasping power of any youngster. Beside the quality education, Ali Forces Academy and cadets School ensures the physical fitness of the youngsters. Education and training in our institute prepare the youngsters to face all types of challenges in the future.