Admission's Open




Admission Policy:

Admission to the school is made in class 6th & 7th every year. Admission will be granted only on merit. For the purpose of making the merit list, four entry tests including English, Maths, Science and Intelligence Tests will be carried out which will be followed by the Preliminary Interview, prior to admission.

The Admission Procedure:

The Application form for admission is given at admission form page. Complete the application for and attach an attested copy of computerized form “B” and 3 passport size photographs. The photographs must be recent within last 1 month. The application form (orginial) duly filled is to be submitted with the academy administration.

Computers Lab:

An excellent Computer Lab is established with DSL connection and LAN, where students are given training on basic use of computers.


Luckily there is mosque (Makki Jamiah Masjid) adjacent to AFA & CS where the boarders can offer five times prayers with Jamaat.


A neat & cleen canteen is established within the Academy permises, where eatables will be available during recess and after pack-up. Other items of day to day use like pencils, sharpners, ball-point pens, erasers and note books will also be available.